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Impact article

The article in Impact, Volume 2018, Number 9, December 2018, pp. 47-49, written by Katsouros Vassilis, from Athena Research and Innovation Centre dealing with iMuSciCA is now published in open access on the world’s largest resource for scholarly publications, IngentaConnect.


iMuSciCA – through engagement in music activities – supports mastery of core academic content on STEM subjects (Physics, Geometry, Mathematics, and Technology) for secondary school students (aged 12-16) alongside with the development of their creativity and deeper learning skills. To reach this goal, iMuSciCA introduces new methodologies and innovative technologies supporting active, discovery-based, collaborative, personalised, and more engaging learning.


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iMuSciCA concert

On October 19, in France, the public was sensitized to iMuSciCA thanks to an exceptional evening that took place in a concert hall, also a music school, at La Source, in Fontaine.
The musicians from the iMuSciCA team, as well as two students who tested the solution during a pilot course, offered to give a concert based on iMuSciCA tools.
The evening was also marked by a presentation of iMuSciCA via a demonstration zone that appealed to the public (students, teachers, researchers, musicians, journalists).

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iMuSciCA at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

iMuSciCA was introduced by researchers of Athena Research and Innovation Centre at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece, from 8 to 16 September.

iMuSciCA at the Pan-Hellenic Conference

iMuSciCA was presented at the Pan-Hellenic Conference on STEM Education, which took place on 03 and 04 September in Athens, Greece. The purpose of this conference is to highlight the innovative pedagogical practices of STEM in modern schools. Find more information on this event here:



After being tested on December, the pilot tests have continued being tested in classes in Belgium, Greece and France on May.

Students love it: “We learn while having fun. I have fun doing math even if my level is rather poor.”

iMuSciCA at the Bett Show 2018

iMuSciCA was presented by Cabrilog at the BETT Show, 24-27 January 2018, London. The BETT Show is a annual show for the education technology where school leaders and teachers come to discover new way of learning and new solutions.

The BETT Show was the opportunity to organize a draw for teachers interested in STEAM solutions. The gain was a free stay for the iMuSciCA Summer School organized in July 2018.

Further information on the Summer School:

iMuSciCA Summer School 2018

From 1st to 6th of July, iMuSciCA Summer School is offering teachers a “hands-on” training experience upon the iMuSciCA Workbench. The workbench is the place where students can perform STEAM related activities according to the iMuSciCA pedagogical framework. The iMuSciCA workbench also involves advanced music analysis and visualizations tools and includes a number of activity environments and tools that explore original and innovative enabling technologies.


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The iMuSciCA pilot-test

The iMuSciCA pilot-test


Between November 27 and December 1, 2017 , University College Leuven-Limbourg, Athena Research and Innovation Centre and Cabrilog visited three schools, in Greece, Belgium and France respectively to meet students and to make them test the various environments of iMuSciCA.

The three pilot-test has been a great success. In total, 64 students were delighted to discover another way to learn science and mathematics.

iMuSciCA at CiCAUdeM

The iMuSciCA project at CiCAUdeM


Cabrilog presented the iMuSciCA project at CiCAUdeM in Colombia. This event represents the biggest gathering of Cabrilog community in the world and was organised by the University of Medellin.

Colette Laborde from Cabrilog presented two workshops in front of a packed auditorium. Some teachers participating at the workshops requested to get iMuSciCA for their schools

iMuSciCA at the Greek Researchers’ Night events

Athena’s team participated at the Greek Researchers’ Night events that took place on September 22, 2017  in Lavrion and on September 29, 2017 in Athens. They presented of the iMuSciCA interaction with virtual musical instruments using Kinect and Leap motion sensors and demonstrated the real-time beat tracking algorithm embedded on a NAO dancer.