The iMuSciCA project

Problem-solving is one of the key skills for the 21st-century job market. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching rely on the left half of the brain and thus is logic driven. Artistic activities, which uses the right side of the brain fosters creative problem-solving.
STEM education is necessary but it is not sufficient:

Youngsters need STEAM (Science, Arts, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to get ready for their future.

iMuSciCA is a pioneering approach using music for fostering creativity and deeper learning, thereby setting new grounds in the European STEAM curricula.

Learn Sciences through creative and stimulating music activities

The iMuSciCA project develops a set of practical activities to give learners many opportunities as the wonderful exploration of different phenomena and laws of physics, geometry, mathematics and technology through creative music activities. It is based on cross-disciplinary educational approaches.

Encourage students to engage in exciting interactive music activities

The iMuSciCA workbench engages secondary school students in order to support proficiency in core academic STEM subjects - Physics, Geometry, Mathematics, and Technology, creativity development and deeper learning skills through music activities.

Benefit from original and innovative educational technologies

The iMuSciCA project addresses contemporary requirements in education and learning for new STEAM pedagogical methodologies and innovative educational technology tools by supporting active, discovery-based, personalized learning, by providing students and teachers with opportunities for collaboration, co-creation and collective knowledge building.

Our Latest Posts

International Conference on Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning in Science

Ellinogermaniki Agogi is hosting the International Conference on Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning in Science on 29-30 June 2019, in Athens, Greece. The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners and decision makers from all around the world to investigate the concept of Deeper Learning and the conditions under which it could lead students to develop

iMuSciCA workshop for tearchers at the Athens Science Festival 2019

Athena R.C. and Ellinogermaniki Agogi organize a workshop for introducing teachers  to STEAM teaching/learning with iMuSciCA (Saturday, 06 April 2018, 16.00-17.45 at INNOVATHENS). More information can be found at  

iMuSciCA goes concert at Luleå Tekniska Universitet

After a successful pilot concert in France, Luleå University of Technology in collaboration with the iMuSciCA project proudly organise the concert in Luleå (Kulturens hus, lilla salen) on 2nd March 2019, at 19:00. You can expect a high-class classical concert with mind-blowing novel interaction and visualizations. This event closes the European Workshop on Technologies for