Work Package 7

Dissemination and exploitation

Leader : Cabrilog

This WP pursues three specific objectives:

  • Disseminate the outcomes of the project within the academic and public domains (including relevant educational organizations), leveraging on the huge outreach potential of the EA and UCLL on the already existing network of Open Discovery Space.
  • Communicate project rationale, overall objectives and methodology with the different stakeholders and the general public;
  • Analyse the different possibilities of exploiting the implemented workbench toolkits, considering both individual exploitation routes and joint initiatives;

In order to achieve the above-mentioned major objectives, the WP will:

  • Set up different communication channels (website, social networks, etc.)
  • Prepare and publish a yearly Newsletter
  • Prepare and publish various dissemination materials
  • Organize a comprehensive public outreach strategy
  • Implement an appropriate exploitation strategy

Methodological notes:

  • iMuSciCA’s dissemination activities will be designed in such a way as to ensure that all project dissemination activities and materials are accessible and understandable by both experts in the relevant fields and by general population.
  • The EC will be informed of Communications and Dissemination activities in due time, in order to enable a proper relay of these activities within Europe.

There will be clear acknowledgement of EC funding in all dissemination activities, in any media and event. All dissemination activity and materials will be reported in the plan for the use and dissemi-nation of results, including sufficient details/references enabling the Commission tracing the activity.


Number Title Type Dissemination Level Due Date
D7.1 Dissemination and Communication plan Report Public 30 Jun 2017
D7.2 Initial Exploitation plan Report Confidential 31 Mar 2018
D7.3 First Report on Dissemination activities Report Public 31 Mar 2018
D7.4 First Report on Communication and outreach activities Report Public 31 Mar 2018
D7.5 Final Report on Dissemination activities Report Public 30 Jun 2019
D7.6 Report on Professional development activities for teachers adopting STEAM Report Public 30 Jun 2019
D7.7 Final Report on Communication and outreach activities Report Public 30 Jun 2019
D7.8 Final Exploitation plan Report Confidential 30 Jun 2019