Work Package 6

Pilot testing in real settings and evaluation of educational value

Leader : EA

The aim of this work package is to design and carry out and validate the pilot testing of the workbench of iMuSciCA prototypes using educational scenarios and activities of WP2 in various realistic school settings with teachers and students. Data collected during the pilot testing and will optimize and ultimately assess the educational value of the iMuSciCA workbench. The criteria for a qualitative STEAM pedagogy evaluation for deeper learning are defined in the pedagogical guide which is an outcome of WP2.

These criteria are the basis for a double evaluation strategy: on the one hand by means of classical tools like questionnaires and in-depth interviews for teachers and students. A control and subject group will be defined. On the other hand data will be collected too by means of advanced user monitoring tools that capture user behaviour. The comparison of the results of both methods can shine light to what extent deeper learning of STEM is feasible by the proposed STEAM pedagogy of iMuSciCA.


Number Title Type Dissemination Level Due Date
D6.1 Pilot testing action plan Report Public 30 Jun 2017
D6.2 Interim report on teacher’s feedback and pilot testing in schools (A-Cycle) Report Public 31 Dec 2017
D6.3 Final report on teacher’s feedback and pilot testing in schools (B-Cycle) Report Public 30 Sep 2018
D6.4 Quantitative and qualitative results of learners – aspects of deeper learning with iMuSciCA Report Public 28 Feb 2019
D6.5 Report on Teachers training communities Report Public 30 Jun 2019