The project’s key objectives are:

  • Develop and explore original and innovative enabling technologies to facilitate open co-creation tools incorporated in music activities to support STEM learning, thus providing evidence of the positive impact of art and science interaction on creativity and innovation. Innovative educational technology includes:
    • Virtual 3D environments with gesture and pen-enabled interaction to design personalized musical instruments using geometric forms and tools.
    • Computer generated sound produced by varying the design parameters of musical instruments with interpretations of the related physics and mathematics
    • Gesture and pen-enabled multimodal interaction of the learners with the virtual 3D musical instrument for co-creation and music performance
    • Interactive STEM authoring and learning environments with advanced tools for the creation and presentation of lesson plans
    • Deployment of 3D printing technology for realizing the physical musical instrument as an actual/tangible physical object
  • Develop a set of practical activities to give learners the opportunity to discover about different phenomena/laws of physics, geometry, mathematics and technology through creative music activities, to examine them from various viewpoints and increase integration among various subjects of the curriculum contributing to innovative cross-disciplinary educational approaches.
  • Encourage students to engage in innovative interactive music activities with advanced multimodal interfaces that enable them to discover new ways to look at science with the support of creative and artistic interventions, raising their interest in science and technology.
  • Enable teachers to design meaningful and engaging project-based, problem-based STEAM learning activities; to reinforce them in producing rewarding and self-fulfilling teaching work by acquiring and integrating innovative and stimulating educational technologies in their teaching practice.
  • Provide teachers with a coherent and rigorous set of lesson plans for STEAM learning.

The main outputs of iMuSciCA include:

  • A Workbench of Music Activities containing methodological and advocacy tools of advanced enabling technologies to assist learners in developing co-creative processes for STEAM learning.
  • Cross-disciplinary lesson plans for secondary education to teach physics, geometry, mathematics and technology combined with creative music activities.
  • Professional development material for teachers and educators for adopting innovative STEAM teaching methodology.